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Our Story

We believe that dogs deserve to be included in all of the fun celebrations and day-to-day moments that make life special and connect us with one another. And what better way to connect than with your pup's favorite thing – treats! – freshly baked and hand-designed with love to be just as fun for you.
That's how Wüfers came to be, and every day our small team of dog lovers and pet-parents works tirelessly to design, bake, and send cookies to pups and pup-parents all over the USA and Canada, so that humans and dogs can say "I love you" on birthdays, holidays, and every day.
Your dog deserves the best – so we use the best
We are absolutely dedicated to making gourmet dog treats that are safe, delicious, and beautiful. We use only human-grade ingredients that are locally sourced and proven to be safe for dogs. Each cookie is hand-designed, so that opening a Wüfers box is as exciting for the humans in the room as it is for the pups.
Made and sourced in North America
We proudly bake Wüfers dog treats in our bakery in Ontario, Canada, using delicious locally sourced ingredients. When you support our small business, you're supporting local jobs and agriculture, too!
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