Our Story

Our dogs are part of the family, and yours is, too.

That means we believe they deserve the best, and that our pups and yours should be included in all of life's special moments, from birthdays to holidays, and that we should all have fun along the way.
Wüfers was born to celebrate our four-legged family members in a bigger and better way than we were seeing out there in the market. Our small team of dog lovers hand-designs each Wüfers Cookie Box and bakes every Wüfers dog treat with the same love and care we show our dogs in the rest of our lives together. Everything we do, from designing our cookies to sharing the amazing videos and photos we get from our Cookie Community goes back to that same love for dogs – ours, and yours. 


We're family-owned and based in Ontario, Canada, and dedicated to making the best dog treats you've ever seen, and your pup has ever tasted. One cookie at a time, we're bringing dogs and humans together, creating little moments of happiness, and celebrating what brings us together.

Welcome to our Cookie Community.


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