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Get Well Wednesdays by RRUF

Hey there, fellow dog lovers!

We're thrilled to share something near and dear to our hearts: Get Well Wednesdays! With the support of the Rapid Response Urgency Fund (RRUF), we are gifting our wholesome cookies to pups who could use a little extra love during tough times.

Get Well Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, we are taking nominations from you, our Wufers community! From your submissions, we're hand-delivering our specially curated Get Well Soon Cookie Boxes to five adorable pups in need of some TLC. It's our way of spreading warmth and tail wags to those who need it most. 

April 17, 2024

We are happy to share the names and stories of the pups that received Get Well Boxes this week!

The Dogs You've Helped Show Some Extra Love:

❤️ Reggie

❤️ Kali & Kami



❤️ Chase

Chase's Story

Chase is a resilient 8-year-old Golden Retriever who is bravely battling B Cell Lymphoma for a second time after a 4-month remission. Despite enduring 17 chemo treatments and a dislocated hip last year, he persists. He is cheered on daily by a supportive community. Since restarting chemo, Chase has completed 2 treatments. #TeamChase!

Xander's Story 

Xander is currently battling bone cancer that's located in the processes of his spine which makes amputation not an option. He had surgery and radiation in 2022, and radiation again 3 months ago. His 3-month oncology appointment is next week! Back in 2022, we were told he had 3-6 months. Xander is showing no signs of having been sick and is enjoying his 'struts', watching the sunsets with me, and the occasional taste of vanilla ice cream.

Reggie's Story

Reggie was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor and has ACL surgery coming up next month. 3 surgeries in a matter of 2 months for little man! I hope his story encourages others to get their dogs' bumps and lumps checked. Hopefully, his results come back as low grade and we will still have many years together!

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