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Bernie from Dog Squad, SC | Fund A Cause Friday

This month, our RRUF Program was able to send a Get Well Soon cookie box to rescue dog Bernie. He arrived at the vet with gunshot wounds to his shoulder, head, chest, and leg. He tested positive for heartworm and had a fractured right leg from being caught in a bear trap.
Thanks to the amazing work of the veterinarian and the Dog Squad rescue, Bernie is on the mend! He's received two metal plates and a rod to help with his leg. He's currently attending physical therapy sessions which include hydrotherapy to help with his recovery.
We were so moved by his story and by the organization that helped him, we decided to do one better. We have sent Dog Squad $1,000 and 100 of our cookie boxes to support their rescue dogs.
Dog Squad is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit shelter-less animal rescue organization based out of South Carolina. They rescue many of their dogs from euthanasia at overcrowded shelters. They also takes in sick, injured, abused, and abandoned stray dogs who may not have been given a second chance otherwise.
This organization works with dogs of all breeds, all ages, all sizes, and all medical issues. Their organization focuses on rehabilitating these dogs by providing them with proper veterinary care, unconditional love, basic training, and socialization as fosters until they are ready to be adopted into their furever home.

Some Words from the Founders

Dog Squad is a unique, shelter-less foster-based dog rescue operating from the heart of our home in Greenville, SC. Unlike traditional shelters, we don’t have a physical facility; instead, our rescue work is integrated into our daily lives. These mentors play a crucial role, teaching the foster dogs through their behavior, significantly easing their transition and helping them adapt to new environments.

Randy and Jenna, the founders of Dog Squad, manage this labor of love alongside their full-time jobs. Inspired by a profound desire to give dogs a second chance, they have woven the mission of Dog Squad into every aspect of their lives. Despite the potential chaos of living with 11 dogs, visitors to our home are often surprised by the calm and orderly atmosphere, a testament to the well-established routines and the tranquil nature of our canine family.
At Dog Squad, we consciously maintain a balance, limiting ourselves to personally fostering a maximum of three dogs at any time. This ensures that we can devote adequate attention to understanding each dog’s personality and needs, essential for finding the perfect forever homes. As more volunteers join our fostering effort, our capacity to rescue increases.

Our day-to-day operations begin with a morning potty routine followed by breakfast in their designated crates. This structured start helps set the tone for the day. Until recently, the dogs enjoyed the freedom of our home during the day while Randy worked from home. Due to a job change, the routine has shifted, with most dogs now crated during work hours, except for breaks at lunch and extensive play and cuddle time from 3:30 PM until bedtime.
Weekends are a whirlwind of activities aimed at socializing and enriching the lives of our dogs—from attending adoption events to relaxing outings at our local dog bar or enjoyable trips on the boat, the Pawty Barge. Every moment is dedicated to ensuring that our dogs, both personal and fostered, experience the love and care they deserve.

With the upcoming sale of Wufers’ dog cookie boxes, where 100% of the proceeds will benefit Dog Squad, we’re set to further our mission. This generous initiative will allow us to expand our capacity and continue our efforts to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs in need. Each cookie box sold brings us closer to giving more dogs a loving, forever home.

Bernie's Story

In the word of Dog Squad, every dog’s story is a beacon of hope, but some stories are particularly emblematic of resilience and the unyielding spirit of survival. Our current Squad Foster, Bernie, embodies such a story—a narrative filled with adversity, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of happiness and second chances.

Bernie’s life took a drastic turn when he was found ensnared in a bear trap with multiple gunshot wounds, one so severe it shattered the humerus bone in his leg and left him dragging it painfully. Rescued from an immediate threat to his life, he was taken to an emergency hospital by animal control officers. Despite the urgent care he received, his journey was far from over. As a heartworm positive dog with significant injuries, Bernie found himself on a euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter as he had no home to return to following his hospital stay.
That’s when Dog Squad stepped in. Moved by his plight and potential, we immediately took Bernie into our care. His condition was dire—more so in person than any photo could convey. Yet, amid his pain, Bernie’s gentle, forgiving nature shone through, a testament to the extraordinary resilience of dogs.

Bernie underwent a massive surgery to repair his broken leg and has been receiving ongoing medical care including physical therapy and hydrotherapy to regain his mobility. Unfortunately, his recovery has seen setbacks, including a recent lameness in the healed leg, necessitating further surgical consultations and adjustments to his treatment plan.

His battle with heartworm disease is another hurdle. Starting this Friday 5/10, Bernie will undergo a series of treatments involving Melarsomine injections—arduous not just because of their physical toll, but also because of the strict rest required afterwards to prevent life-threatening complications.
Through all these challenges, Bernie’s indomitable spirit has not waned. He remains a joyful, oversized puppy at heart, whose favorite activity is snuggling on the couch despite his size. His care has been costly, exceeding $13,000 so far, a testament to the dedication we and our community have to saving lives, no matter the cost.

The funds raised by the generous donation of dog cookie boxes are instrumental in continuing Bernie’s care and recovery. Each box sold brings us closer to ensuring Bernie and many others like him have the chance at the life they deserve.

Bernie’s story is far from over, but with the support of Dog Squad and the broader community, we are hopeful that his future is bright and filled with the love he so richly deserves. His journey is a powerful reminder of why we do what we do, and why every bit of support matters in the mission to give every dog a second chance.
Read more about Bernie's story here!
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