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June: Spoiled Dog Spoiled Dog
July: Canadian K9 Canadian K9
August: Summer Snacks Summer Snacks
September: Everyday Dog Everyday Dog
October: Spooky Halloween Spooky Halloween
November: Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
December: Christmas Christmas
January: Cozy Winter Cozy Winter
February: Valentine Valentine
March: St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day
April: Easter Easter
May: Spring Flowers Spring Flowers


$28.00/mo (S&H incl)

FREE birthday box and advent calendar with a 12 month subscription!

For that New Year’s nibble through to a Christmas crunch, and to reward every top-notch fart or well-fetched stick in between, purchase a 12-month subscription of our most adorable cookies. Each month you’ll get a seasonally-themed box of love.


Spoiled Dog January: Spoiled Dog
Canadian K9 February: Canadian K9
Summer Snacks March: Summer Snacks
Everyday Dog April: Everyday Dog


$28.00/mo (S&H incl)

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole year of the cutest doggy cookies ever but you love the idea of toasting your pup’s finest moments, give our 4-month subscription a try. Time it to cover their birthday month, or your favourite holiday. Or maybe the months of their obedience course. With that lil’ woofer you’ve got there, any time is cookie time. You’ll see.


Plan the gift of all gifts – a box full of too-cute cookies for your pup’s birthday! Or for when they’re feeling under the weather. Or for whatever the occasion may be this month, for your pooch or someone else’s, we’ve got a cookie for that. Heck, we’ve got a whole BOX of cookies for it!

  1. Birthday Boy

    Treat the special man in your life on their birthday, with a whole month’s worth of cookies. One isn’t enough when your pooch is that good-looking.

  2. Birthday Girl

    Every dog deserves to be treated like a pupper princess, especially on their birthday! This box of celebratory cookies will definitely do the trick with an entire month of birthday surprises.

  3. Get Well Soon

    Surgeries and sickness – no fun for anyone, including our furry friends. And those medical cones are just straight up embarrassing. We hope your pooch feels better soon, one treat at a time.

  4. Spoiled Dog

    We once rewarded our dog for pooping outside. Our adult, house-trained-for-eleven-years dog. So we get it – you love to spoil your pooch for all of the things, and some occasions don’t have a holiday. This box has you covered.

  5. Dog Bless America

    From the mountains of fur to the oceans of toys, show your favourite American pup some cookie love with a box of treats as beautiful as the country they call home.

  6. Sniff This

    Ice cream and hotdogs and pretzels, oh my! Our sniff this box is full of dog treats that look just like people treats. Because we all know diving into a bag of popcorn or chowing down on a box of doughnuts is more fun with a friend.

Note: Individual cookies may differ slightly from the pictures but they’ll fit the theme, taste the same and probably look even cuter.

Not sure if your BFF will love our cookies as much as we do? Don’t worry, we have a box for that! Sign up today for your one time ‘Wüfers Sampler’ box and let your best fur friend decide.

  1. Sneak Peak!

    Taste testing can be hard work, but we promise, your little pooch will not break a sweat with this sampler. Let them enjoy a few Wüfer bites before you add to their long list of ‘spoils’ this year.

Note: Individual cookies may differ slightly from the pictures but they’ll fit the theme, taste the same and probably look even cuter.

What is Wüfers Cookie Club?

Fact: your dog is pretty cute. But whenever that lil’ woofer does something awesome, he’s really cute. He’s a Wüfer. And we believe that every one of those level-above moments deserve to be treated. From the traditional special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, to the quirky fun moments only a furkid parent could love (he just looks sooo adorable in rainboots), we’ve got a cookie for that. And those artisanal, hand decorated treats are all made right here in North America from local ingredients – cute and quality. Subscribing to Wüfers Cookie Club means that no matter when your pooch is being a super pupper, you can show them some cookie love. Our 12 month, 4 month or one off boxes of treats have you covered.

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