🐶 🇺🇸 10% of all Dog Bless America cookie sales donated to ASPCA for covid-19 support

Why Wüfers

Quality Ingredients

We only use wholesome, locally sourced ingredients that you can pronounce and trust to make your dog happy, inside and out!

Made in North America

We are proud to say that our cookies are crafted in our own bakery in North America by a passionate team of dog lovers and owners!

Free Shipping

Cookies should be convenient! Go from click to cookie crumbles in no time with FREE shipping on all orders, all over North America!

What's In The Box?

Each Wüfers Cookie Box comes with an assortment of unique cookies, themed for trendy treating!

Whether it's in the shape of a pizza slice or a bone, each cookie is baked with simple ingredients and designed to be the most wholesome treat, inside and out!

take a peek inside

Baked with Lüv

Wondering what goes into our Wüfers cookies? We use only simple ingredients and a lot of love. Check out the video below!

Taste Tested

Picky eater? Sensitive teeth? Worried about the cookies looking too good to be true? Don't take our word for it! Check out what our fans have to say about their own Wüfers experience!

cookie curious?

Will my dog like the cookies?

With over 1000 5-star reviews, strongly believe your dog will not just like but LOVE the cookies. Each one of our dog treats is freshly baked, hand-decorated and made with wholesome and locally sourced human grade ingredients. Your box comes with a variety of cookies to satisfy all doggie sizes and taste buds!

Are Wüfers treats safe for my pup?

Absolutely! Our pets are our family. This means we extend our healthy lifestyle and beliefs to include them. Wüfers believes that treating your dog doesn’t have to include a long list of unmentionable and unrecognizable ingredients - if we can’t eat it, why should they. 

My dog is small, will they be able to chew the larger cookies?

Although some of the treats are as large as 6 inches your dog will have no trouble chewing on any of them, no matter its size. Sometimes it helps to break some of the larger cookies into smaller pieces for small but mighty mouths.

How long will the cookies stay fresh?

Each cookie is baked specifically to remove moisture and individually wrapped in recyclable plastic bags to preserve their freshness. So whether you are celebrating for a day or a month, your cookies will stay fresh up to 12 months!

Tips, Tricks and Treats!

Want to throw the best birthday party ever? Or see what's inside our latest cookie box? Check out our collection of awesome articles and videos to entertain and inform you on our cookies!


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